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  • Need to upgrade you Ram??

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Computerization in every field has become a need of the hour today. With the growing requirements of data storage facility by all professional, the computer also requires up gradation on regular intervals. Hardware & software like Computer RAM, USB memory, pen drives and flash drives require sophisticated & expert treatment.

Most of us are not very clear with the concept that helps in better performance of the computer. The quickest way to speed up your computer is by adding more computer RAM to your system.This will surely leave your data processor to run programs much faster as computer RAM is considered to be the primary storehouse of all information when you are applying it. Capacity like 128MB, 256MB and 512MB are considered to be outdated, but when you are looking for premium quality performance, your computer needs latest versions of memory modules which range from 1GB to 8GB RAM.

The two types of RAM available are DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and SDRAM (Static Random Access Memory). The process of storing data in these two Ram type is different. Though SRAM is considered to be much faster in processing and does not even require being refreshed again & again, DRAM is more popular in terms of usage because it is cheaper in cost.

As we all know now that Computer RAM is the largest storehouse of information in the computer, it is the temporary house for storing

current data which is in use, that is why the information can be loaded much faster. However, it is not the permanent storage of the information and the same is lost when the system is switched off. In case the information had to be read directly from the hard disk, it would have made the computer very slow.

A memory cell is created by pairing together of a capacitor and a transistor in the memory module for data storage, mapping single piece of information. In earlier days people were using delay line memory, relays and various vacuum tube systems. This kind of arrangement was found to be good in extending up to hundreds or thousands of bits. But one of the drawbacks, it had was that every such memory was not random. In other words, we can say that the advanced Random Access Memory has brought a revolution in the industry.

Corporate sectors like banking, military, media and so forth require a large memory space for data usage and comparatively faster processing than normal computers. To fulfil and serve this requirement, advanced computer RAMs like 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM, 4GB RAM and more prove to be a boon for the industry. Hence, it is forever advisable to purchase a computer or laptop with the latest RAM memory module. You may get in touch with any known RAM exporter, RAM manufacturer or RAM supplier who can furnish you with the best product at the best rates.

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