Cleaning Your Computer

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Is your computer making noises or humming? Is dust collecting visibly on the external fan surface? Is your machine running hot or shutting itself down for no apparent reason? Have you gone more than two months without cleaning your machine? If you have answered yes to any of these questions it may be time to clean your machine.

Dust inside your computer can lead to component failureRead More, fan failure, and slow performance. Keep your machine running smoothly and safely by taking the time to dust the interior. Don’t wait until a fan dies and your machine overheats with possibly irreversible damage to your hard drive, video card or motherboard.

Most people take the maintenance of their software seriously, running virus scans and installing protective software to guard against viruses, malware and trojans. In fact we highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials to all of our clients which is absolutely free, made to integrate with your Windows operating system and easy to use. But when it comes to the hardware most people do not think about it until it is too late or they are intimidated by the thought of taking their machine apart. Continue reading

How Often Should You Clean the Dust Out Of Your Computer?

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The frequency of how often you should clean the dust out of your computer (or laptop) may vary depending on the environment it is used in.

Annual or quarterly cleanings may be acceptable for most machines, while monthly cleanings may be better suited for computers used in areas where there are pets, smokers, a lot of dirt/dust, or if the computer is used on carpet or bed.

Benefits of Keeping Your Computer Dust-Free

Keeping your computer free of dust build up will ensure that your machine is getting the proper air-flow to keep cool.  Cleaning the dust out of your computer on a regular basis can help prevent (or resolve) overheating problems, reducing the chances of hardware failure stemming from cooling issues. Continue reading

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